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Zero One More by Pavlos Tsakonas, 2021

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Pavlos Tsakonas intervenes with an experiment in the facade of the Victoria Square Project (VSP) with only one material, white paint, using industrial tools and protective equipment. He takes advantage of the transparency of the glass surface by applying layers of paint by spraying, thus creating the impression of imperfect, blurry, cloudy or dreamy. This way the work is placed at that point between concepts such as art and technique, nature and industry, poetry and rationalism while at the same time referring to important components of 20th and 21st century visual art such as color field, minimalism, action painting etc.

Pavlos Tsakonas
2. pavlos tsakonas.jpeg

Pavlos Tsakonas (* 1983) is a visual artist who lives and works in Athens, Greece. He studied painting at Athens School of Fine Arts (* 2008). 

In his work we find mainly painting mediums that develop in different sizes and surfaces, while his subjects explore a wide range of polar concepts, references and sources. He has presented three solo and has participated in various group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Works of him are held in private collections and others can be found in public space.

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3. pavlos tsakonas.jpeg
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