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Workshop | Art Seasons, The Winter

Photo: Matteo Natalucci

Art Seasons is a program for kids 4-12 years old to become familiar with seasons through the artworks of contemporary and prior artists.

Kids will encounter the flow of seasons and their characteristics, but also with the way they have been depicted in art. An important part of the program will be the awareness of the environment and the Earth.

On November the third cycle, The Winter, begins online and in person. Check the program below and book your seats!

Program | 3rd cycle _ The Winter

Wednesday 24/11, 1 & 8/12 | 17:30/19:00 🡪 online meetings for all ages

Friday 26/11, 3 & 10/12 → 16:30/18:00 🡪 in person meetings

Saturday 27/11, 4 & 11/12 → 16:30/18:00 🡪 in person meetings

In person workshops are for free, while for the online workshops are with free contribution starting from 5€.

Apply now

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