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TRiKiKLO goes to Fokionos Negri

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Victoria Square Project invites you on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April 2022 to a noisy and fun ride with TRiKiKLO at Fokionos Negri street.

At Fokionos Negri kids and adults will participate in workshops with the pedagogical group To Skasiarcheio and the Library Kiosk (Vivlioperiptero), with Athens Comics Library and Baytna Hub, and will dance in balkan rhythms with Make Some Noiz

The tricycle, in Greek τρίκυκλο - trikiklo, is a common vehicle of the Athenian centre, inextricably connected with the people using it, the contemporary flaneurs. The vehicle makes a comeback as TRiKiKLO and hits the Athenean streets carrying workshops, sounds and surprises, it stops on several squares and pedestrian streets, where it creates ephemeral meeting and communication spots. TRiKiKLO challenges us to redefine our relation with the public space and art in contemporary Athens.

TRiKiKLO stands out by carrying the art installation of Collectif MASI (Madlen Anipsitaki and Simon Riedler) inspired by the history and special characteristics of the vehicle.

Read the program, fill out the form to participate in the workshops and join us!

Το project is supported by Athens Culture Net of the Municipality of Athens and is funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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