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Covid can’t stop us (?) | co-Living Room Community DISCUSSIONS

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

On Tuesday April 26 at 18:00 we invite you to the open online discussion "Covid can’t stop us (?) - Staying creative and connected during the coronavirus pandemic".

It’s been more than a year now, since the pandemic has shifted our lives in an unprecedented way. Social activities and relations had to find new channels through networks and alternative connection means. Creativity, artistic production and social engagement had to invent ways of transcending quarantine and movement restrictions in order to get out in the public sphere. Did we succeed in winning over Covid and how did we make this happen? What did we learn through this process and which are the means and tools developed and worthwhile maintaining in our practice beyond the pandemic?

Join us for a round table discussion on these issues with the visual artists Iasonas Kampanis, Theodora Malamou, Eleni Riga, independent curator and cultural producer and Moussa Sangare and Niovi Zarampouka Chatzimanou, director of VSP and curator of "Who is the contemporary Athenian?".

The discussion will be coordinated by Angelos Kostamparis, VSP Community Engagement Coordinator


Iasonas Kampanis | Visual artist

Theodora Malamou | Visual artist

Eleni Riga | Independent Curator and Cultural Producer

Moussa Sangare | Entrepreneur and Human Rights activist

Niovi Zarampouka Chatzimanou | Director of VSP and Curator of “Who is the Contemporary Athenian?”


Angelos Kostamparis | VSP Community Engagement Coordinator

The discussion is part of the co-Living Room Community Discussions held on ZOOM:

About the participants

Iasonas Kampanis | Visual Artist

Iasonas Kampanis was born in 1985 in Athens. After completing his studies, he began working with painting, printmaking, photography, digital media, performance, installations and scenographic works. In 2020 he was selected in the 3rd Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artists Support Program of ARTWORKS. His works have been presented mainly in Greece and the United Kingdom.

Theodora Malamou | Visual artist

Theodora Malamou studied Fine Art (BA) in Coventry University and completed her MA degree at the University of East London.

She gained work experience as an administrator and coordinator for galleries and cultural

organizations in Greece and the UK. She has collaborated with magazines as an arts editor (Velvet magazine) and editor in chief (Ozon magazine) and with members of the local music industry as part of a promotion and production platform. She held the position of press and communication officer for the Gagosian Gallery of Athens and Delphi Festival. She is currently the editor in chief at the Greek edition of the Art Newspaper.

Her art practice mixes recognizable images of everyday life, folk motifs and memories through a personal point of view. She works with painting, photography, embroidery, screen printing and video in order to compose a colorful visual vocabulary that focuses on contemporary matters.

She also enjoys organizing and curating small independent projects, the most recent one being Athens Laundry – Bougada, an online photographic project inspired by laundry hanging out to dry in the area around Victoria square, where she lives.

Eleni Riga | Independent Curator and Cultural Producer

Eleni Riga is an independent curator and cultural producer.

Currently, she collaborates with the Occupy Art Project, the contemporary art gallery Callirrhoe and the cultural organization Atopos CVC in Athens. She is a curatorial fellow at 40mcube (Rennes, FR).

Her practice focuses on the intersection of feminism and ecology and the politics of care.

In 2019-2020 she worked at the Adult & Academics Programs at the Museum of Modern Art in New York under the direction of Pablo Helguera and specialised in the digital public programming.

Previously, she worked as Director of Contemporary Art at Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture and as a curatorial assistant at documenta 14 (Athens & Kassel).

As an independent curator and co-founder of the art & research platform hd.kepler. she has collaborated with institutions in Europe and U.S.A such as ARCAthens, Festival Antigel, Manifesta Biennial.

She holds a master in curatorial studies from Université Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne and has previously studied Communication, Media and Culture at Panteion University in Athens.


Moussa Sangare | President and Coordinator of the Ivorian Community of Greece

President and Coordinator of the Ivorian Community of Greece

Vice-President of Greek Forum of Refugees

Board Member of PICUM

Member of European Commission Expert Group on the Views of migrants in the field of Migration , Asylum and Integration

Niovi Zarampouka Chatzimanou | Director of VSP and Curator of “Who is the Contemporary Athenian?”

Niovi Zarampouka-Chatzimanou, is the current Director of Victoria Square Project and the curator of “Who is the Contemporary Athenian?” (2020-2023) . Since 2014, she is the co-founder of MΕΣΑ Museum of Free Thinking People, a contemporary art outreach project for prisoners in Greece. Before joining VSP she worked as Director of Art in Public Space at Eleusis 2021 European capital of Culture, and contributed in documenta 14 as Community Liaison for Athens, working closely to its Artistic Director Adam Szymczyk. With an academic background in architecture and cultural management (MA), her research interests focus on socially and politically engaged art projects and the public space as a constellation of political and social transformations. Her work experience involves working at a wide range of institutions, projects and artists, like The Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Venice, IT), Maria Papadimitriou’s T.A.M.A. and Souzy Tros (Athens, GR), The Museum of Cycladic Art (Athens, GR), Viafarini DOCVA (Milan, IT) and the Venice Biennial through the Greek and American Pavilion (Venice, IT) teams. Niovi, has recently been awarded the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Public Humanities Initiative fellowship.

About co-Living Room Community

The co-Living Room Community consists of an initiative of Victoria Square Project for the

creation of a non-discriminative common space to encourage the exchange of ideas, free

expression and entertainment for all. The community will be formed during a first cycle of

free sculptural workshops, AfroFitness classes and open discussions around art, design,

daily life and its aspects. We e-connect our living rooms, we create the space, the time and

the way to co-exist in a common virtual living room.

The action is part of the co-Athens implemented by the European pilot program of the

Municipality of Athens Curing the Limbo, through the Athens Development and Destination

Management Agency. The program is co-financed by the ERDF, under the UIA program.

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