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“Square with a view / Renewing the self-image of a square” by Collectif MASI

“Square with a view / Renewing the self-image of a square” by Collectif MASI | 26.11.2021 - 1.12.2021 | Victoria Square

The artistic duo Collectif MASI invites the community to interact with the artworks created during the Station One AIR residency program from November 26 until December 1st at Victoria square


Friday 26 November

13:00 - 17:30 | Artworks activation on the square with the community | Victoria square

17:30-20:00 | 4 sculptures presentation on the square | Victoria square

Wednesday, 1 December

20:00 | Presentation Collectif MASI | Elpidos 13, Athens


The statue "Theseus saving Hippodamia" breaks its silence! Ιt speaks about its life, its roots and its movements, the bullets that it took, its thoughts about the people of the square. Through paintings and spatial installations, we create a counter-monument, challenging the existing one to revisit its myth in the light of Victoria Square's contemporary reality. There we set up an open-air exhibition, which consists of paintings on sheets hung from balconies surrounding the square. In the square itself we place four statues that one can climb for an uninterrupted view of the paintings. From that viewpoint, for the first time in years, the living gaze intersects with that of the statue's. "Theseus saving Hippodamia" comes to life through their eyes, while the living statues reflect on all the things that the statue saw over the years without being able to speak about them.

The work “Square with a view / Renewing the self-image of a square,” by Collectif MASI, is realized in the framework of the Station One Artist In Residence program. It is a collaboration between Victoria Square Project and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Public Humanities Initiative (SNFPHI) at Columbia University, supported by Counterpoints Arts and Outset Contemporary Art Fund Greece.

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