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Sotirias' Erasmus+ experience in Estonia

"Coming back home to Greece, I was nostalgic about the moments I spent in Otepää, in Estonia with the Erasmus+ team where with their help I managed to develop my knowledge but also to be prepared to become the leader of a team.

It was my first time to participate in an Erasmus+ project for an training course and without this wonderful team I would not have been able to collect so many great experiences and at the same time knowledge, with the help of Heleri Alles, Sebastian Da Silva, Kristi Reilent and the support team I was able to become a better person.

As far as the seminars and the programs we did to collect the knowledge I can say that they were great. Through activities we learned to be responsible to become leaders, we put ourselves in the position of a leader and we had to make the right decisions to solve problems but also to provide some other problems. We also learned how to organize our group, our daily schedule, to promote with online tools the material we collect so that the rest of the group can see it."

Sotiria Stathatou

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