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Informative meeting about the upcoming educational programs

online | Friday, September 24 2021, 19:30

live | Saturday, September 25 2021, 16:00

photo credit: Matteo Natalucci, VSP

Victoria Square Project invites kids, youth, parents, educators and representatives of NGO's and public educational institutions either on Friday September 24 2021, at 19:30 online or on Saturday, September 25 2021 at 16:00 in person to the informative meeting about the upcoming educational programs Victoria NOW.

The new art workshops begin on October 2021, inspired by VSP's art program and are addressed to anyone interested in exploring contemporary art through arts and crafts, discussions with artists, the co-designing principles and the co-existence. Join us to learn more about the topics, days and hours of the workshops.

Victoria NOW is an interdisciplinary program of modern creation, inspiration, and empowerment. Young people, children, neighbors of all ages and with different cultural and social backgrounds come together and discuss burning issues such as immigration, identity, gender, the economy through art workshops and through co-creating collective works that reflect the contemporary identity of this multicultural neighborhood. Victoria NOW, through the discussion of the city, the public space and everything that constitutes the cultural identity of NOW, aims to highlight the citizens of NOW. Contemporary art and artistic creation, function as a bridge of connection and creative expression , and acquisition of new stimuli and abilities.

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