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The exhibition Daily Practices is being extended until Sunday February 14, 2021

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Adela, Andriana, Athina, Basmala, Christina, Daniela, Ersela, Khaye, Ornela, Roza, Zaira present their artworks created during sculptural workshops with Kostas Sahpazis and performing workshops with Phevos Markianos.

Put your masks on and come by Elpidos 13!

Daily Practices is a program of exploration, processing and inspiration of ourselves and the urban environment. It is part of the educational work of the Transitional School of KETHEA and is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The program was d

esigned by Niovi Zarampouka Chatzimanou and Christiana Natsika for teenagers.

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