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From the time when Otto was made “King of Greece” (Convention of London, 1832) and the Regency years to this day, the area around Victoria Square has witnessed major events that marked the history of modern Greece. A closer look demonstrates that some of these events are linked to milestones in the evolution of Greco-German relations over time as well as to emblematic landmarks in the area.

Furthermore, in the second half of the 20th and in the early 21st century, the Greeks who left the area after WWII as well as part of the emigrants of the current economic crisis seem to share with the Syrian and Afghan refugees of Victoria Square a vision of Germany as a latter-day “Promised Land”.

How have the traces of the multifaceted Greek-German relations been integrated

into the urban landscape and the collective memory of the Athenian Victoria Square area?

How can we "read" today and how can we capture these traces

with the help of audiovisual media?

What stimuli can they offer to the younger ones, Greeks and immigrants, living in the area?

Can we, as individuals and as communities, co-shape a contemporary narrative

in our multinational neighbourhoods?


The program “Next stop: Victoria | Nächste Station: Victoriaplatz” (#NextStationVictoria) sought to address these questions, while offering Victoria residents and visitors the opportunity to get to know the neighborhood better, to reflect on issues of coexistence and preservation of collective memory, and to express themselves in a creative way.


Project team


Curation, Implementation, Communication

Victoria Square Project

Concept & Coordination

Angeliki Tseliou, Project manager, Education & Culture

Photography workshop, Audiovisual media

Maria Leonida, Head of Programs, KARPOS

History – Architecture walking tours

Irini Gratsia, Coordinator, MONUMENTA

Student groups coordination
Angeliki Ilia, Principal

2nd General Lyceum of Athens - “Theo Angelopoulos”

Dafni Gavrili, Principal & Anta Smilani, Educator

Athens Gymnasium of Intercultural Education


Victoria Square Project

KARPOS, Center of Education & Intercultural Communication

MONUMENTA, a nonprofit civil company

for the protection of natural and architectural heritage in Greece and Cyprus
World Human Forum


The training program “Next Station: Victoria” is co-financed by the German Federal Foreign Office through funds of the German-Greek Future Fund.

Supported by the European Forum for Freedom in Education.

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