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Meet me in the square? Vol 2

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Victoria Square Project invites - again - kids 6-12 years old to join the workshops Meet me in the square?


We explore three squares of the 6th Athens district through games, puzzles and crafts. Six workshops will take place at Agiou Georgiou square, Protomagias square and Fokionos Negri, two on each square aiming for children to become familiar with the public space and especially with the meaning of a square and its stories.


We will approach the architectural elements of each square as well as the social character of the area through observing, co-creating and of course exploring. Afterwards the kids will construct a model in small scale of their suggestions for artistic intervention, reflecting their perspective on public space, their ideal design as well as the rules of daily conduct which would create a harmonic way of coexisting in our neighbourhoods. 



Agiou Georgiou square, Kypseli | Saturday, 18/9

Protomagia square | Saturday, 25/9

Small theater Fokionos Negri | Saturday 2/10​


Hours: 18:00 - 20:00


​If YOU would design your own square, how would it look like? 

Join us to learn more about our city’s squares, their stories and secrets and to design our own! 


Apply now:

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