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Eleni Tzirtzilaki

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Eleni Tzirtzilaki is an architect-community artist. She organizes actions through a composite art that includes walking, poetry, painting, writing and performance. 

She studied architecture in Florence. Her PhD thesis, at the School of Architecture of the Athens National Technical University, is entitled “Displaced Urban Nomads in the Metropolises. Contemporary issues on moving around, the city and the space” (Nisos 2008). She participated in the group “Urban Void” (Astiko Keno, Futura 2006). Her work is showcased in the book Nomadic Architecture. Walking through Fragile Landscapes (Futura 2018). 

She created the “Nomadic Architecture Network” in 2005. The bodies create –each time starting from scratch– a shifting space-time at a specific site, crossing the borders. The process takes place through the collaboration of nomadic subjects, their involvement with each-other, their involvement with the residents and with the creation of “ephemeral communities.” 


She has realized walking art actions, such as Procession in the Traces of Habitation. Crossing Elaionas, Water Girls-Water Boys (at Kifissos river), In the Traces of Guerilla Fighter Nitsa-Eleni Papagiannaki – Electra. Walking there…, Revolution Bodies, among others. The house as fabric has a gender approach.


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