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Art Seasons

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The Art Seasons workshop welcomes kids aged 4-12 in the new year’s educational programs from September to December 2021.

For nine weeks the children will meet and connect with contemporary and prior artists, who in their works honored the seasons of summer, autumn and winter in different ways.


Children will encounter the flow of seasons and their characteristics, but also with the way they have been depicted in art. An important part of the program will be the awareness of the environment and the Earth.


The main goal is for the children to observe the evolution of art through a simple and familiar theme: the flow of the seasons and specifically from summer to autumn and winter. As the program proceeds and the seasons will flow, the children will have the opportunity to observe each transition in art and nature and at the same time gain awareness of different environmental issues. 


Join us to create summer, autumn and winter works together based on children's stories and the various and special techniques of the artists.


Schedule: (The) Summer 

From 22/09 to 8/10


Every Wednesday (22 & 29/09, 6/10) 17: 30/19: 00 -> online meetings for all ages

Every Thursday (23 & 30/09, 7/10) 17: 30/19: 00 ->  live meetings for children 4 to 7 years old

Every Friday (24/09, 1 & 8/10), 17: 30/19: 00 -> live meetings for children 8 to 12 years old


Materials needed for the workshop (online meetings):

painting glues, cardboard small and medium, glue, scissors, wrapping paper, charcoal, tempera, watercolor (pencils, watercolors), sponges, crayons, natural materials that we and the kids will collect from nature.


The Art Seasons workships is part of the educational axis of the Victoria Square Project, VICTORIA NOW.


Apply here:

More information:

In person workshops are free for all. Contact us about the cost of online workshops!

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