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Who is the contemporary Athenian? is the question posed, as an attempt to identify concretely the elements that define an inclusive Athenian society today beyond labels like “immigrant”, refugee, first or second generation, Greek etc, but under the common ground of the neighbours and co-citizens. Our aim is to have a concrete contribution in identifying this collective identity and putting in the public sphere more actively the questions of belonging, democracy, the crisis, fascism, while empowering our community with a special focus on the youth, and become a reference for community engaged art projects in Greece. We seek to be a social meeting point in which intercultural relations are developed, a creative platform that will enhance cultural exchanges and strengthen the region's community.


Under this theme VSP will focus structurally on empowering further the presence of the Living Room as an organic meeting point for the neighborhood, the programs for artistic inspiration and empowerment (Victoria NOW) and the AIR, an artists’ residency.

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